On No Stairway, Bill, Carl and Tim produce playlists each week according to a theme picked at random and discuss them for an hour or so of your valuable time. To maximise your entertainment for this brief window of opportunity, they are guided by three simple rules:

Rule One: All playlists should be of album length (no more than 20 songs or 80 minutes).

Rule Two: No artist can be repeated in a playlist.

Rule Three: There is no Stairway to Heaven.

At the end of each episode, each Stairwayer gets to elevate a track from one of his companion’s playlists to The Golden Shuffle, the greatest non-sequenced selection of songs ever curated. It is hoped that, long after our heroes have shed their mortal coils and future generations are choking on the red dust and sulphuric mist that is left of Mother Earth, The Golden Shuffle may endure as a talisman of the endless possibilities the universe contains and as a reminder of a simpler, more beautiful and funkier time.

So, put on some good quality headphones and your best nordic style slipper-socks and join this merry band of playlisters as they traverse the musical cosmos on the good starship No Stairway…

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