Episode 33 – The End of The World

As we are all well aware, Norsemen were and are a hirsute and complex lot, famed for raiding, pillaging and having their religion hijacked by Stan Lee. Whilst all peoples of the world have had a go at speculating what the world’s ultimate doom will be, the Norse story of Ragnorok is easily one of the most entertaining – there’s a giantess in a trance, a dragon eats the roots of a tree which is supposedly a meta-textual representation of the superposition of several potential unrealised universes and the Incredible Hulk gets dressed up like a young Russell Crowe. It’s hilarious. Ironically, Russell Crowe would appear in the sequel to Ragnarok the Movie as a racist stereotype and thus become the first person despised by all of Greece since Andriscus.

Of course, the meaning of Ragnarok is that with every end comes a beginning, as Midgard is reborn from the embers of Surtr’s fire – so it is appropriate that our very own apocalypse should lead to a rebirth as this is our very first Spotify-only listen-along episode. Hopefully this will add to your enjoyment of the show as we can now, after forging our new format in the metaphorical breath of Níðhöggr, play selections from our playlists for your delectation, and in order to break up the waffling a bit.

In this week’s all-new Spotify-only episode, Bill overfills his mail fun bag, Carl declares himself Leibniz to Tim’s Isaac Newton, and Tim puts his money on the Book of Revelation being 100% accurate, even down to the coloured horses and the lake of fire.

Bill’s playlist
Carl’s playlist
Tim’s Playlist

Don’t forget to check out The Golden Shuffle

Michael Stipe
Golden Shuffle

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3 thoughts on “Episode 33 – The End of The World

  1. Cool. Playlists AND podcast released simultaneously. I guess I’ve got a lot of listening to do. Anywho. Here’s my does of apocalypse.


    1. Given that I am currently listening to you all justifying your lists (love the new format, by the way), I feel I should add a smidgeon of context to mine:

      ‘Classic’ Chob Side A: Side B format. Side A about sleepwalking towards end o’ world (it happens with Jónsi). Side B about Armageddon itself. Reflective post-rock to finish.


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