Episode 30 – The Beatles

It would be facetious for a music podcast to go for any length of time without acknowledging the Beatles – as has been observed many times, the undisputed greatest album of all time is The Best of The Beatles; anyone who tells you different is selling something. With the acerbic lyrical wit of John Lennon, the edgy, genre-defining lead guitar work of George Harrison and the rhythmic dependability of everyone’s favourite Beatle, Ringo Starr, the Beatles reshaped the cultural landscape of the twentieth century. Also, the bass player’s wife made some superb textured vegetable protein sausages.

You may think that there is nothing left to be said about the Beatles, but we’re the guys that did an entire podcast on the best way to soundtrack a hangover, so we’re pretty sure we can find something new to offer.

In this week’s episode, Tim doubles down on his controversial opinions about Paul McCartney, Bill blames a childhood of playing in brass bands for his hatred of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” and Carl’s hot take for the week is that Ravi Shankar’s tracks are quite good but just a little bit too long. It’s classic stuff.

Bill’s playlist
Carl’s playlist

Don’t forget to check out The Golden Shuffle

Stella McCartney

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1 thought on “Episode 30 – The Beatles

  1. Nice one, guys. Here’s mine.

    Songs about the Beatles, songs by the Beatles, and covers of the Beatles.


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