Episode 29 – The Four Seasons

It is easy to forget, in these times of endless drought, burned tundra and an inevitable future when our children choke on atmospheric red dust whilst android overlords decide our reproductive rights, that there was once a time when very small pieces of water would fall from the sky. That’s right, tiny pieces of that miracle fluid would descend from heaven – in older times they called it rain. Rain would then make plants grow – plants are those yellow and brown things on the ground. In the olden days plants were green and would grow and turn into flowers, fruits and vegetables. Seriously, when you write it down it seems very sci-fi, but this was actually how things used to be. Rain happened in other seasons, before the brutal and endless summer that the world is currently enduring. These “seasons” were called spring (mainly rain), autumn (cold rain) and winter (rain so cold it became semi-solid, like a flavourless slush puppy caught in the wind). The commemoration of these mythical “seasons” is the focus of our playlists this week.

Of course, not everything went to plan – we blame the heat. Firstly, the fabulous Olivia Newton-John, the patron saint of Summer Nights, passed away whilst we were in post-production and we thus missed the opportunity for a proper send-off. Then, to add insult to injury, Bill admits that Bombay Bicycle Club are shit after all, Tim laments the lack of songs about artichokes, and Carl takes his ability to deliberately misunderstand things to a level which strains credulity. The whole thing is a shambles

Bill’s Playlist
Carl’s Playlist
Tim’s playlist

Don’t forget to check out The Golden Shuffle

Nigel Kennedy – punk violinist

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Play along at home and post your own playlists here.

1 thought on “Episode 29 – The Four Seasons

  1. Cool beans, all. Got a long drive to do tonight so I know what I’ll be listening to.

    Also, here’s mine


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