Episode 27 – Tracks from Debut Albums

Nineties Michael Jackson baiter Jarvis Cocker once asked in song “Do you remember the first time?” The song’s narrator is quick to add that he “can’t remember a worse time” – this is particularly ironic as Cocker’s debut outing with Pulp, 1983’s “It”, is perhaps their worst record. Likewise, only real die-hard fans will attempt to compare the debut albums of David Bowie, Elton John or Prince with the rest of their celebrated oeuvre. However, not everyone makes a hash of things the first time around – I potted a ball from the break with my first ever stroke of a pool cue in 1989. I never saw any reason to persevere with the sport after that, leaving those who witnessed it to mourn my wasted potential ever since. A bit like what happened with the Stone Roses, albeit without the prolonged legal action.

This week on No Stairway we’re focusing on the very best tracks which have featured on debut albums – along the way Bill goes big on Britpop nostalgia, Carl thinks better of trying to defend Tim Wheeler’s singing voice and Tim treats us all to a rampant mix of, you guessed it, atmospheric electronica. Just don’t hold your breath for any Bowie or Pulp.

This week’s playlists:


Don’t forget to check out The Golden Shuffle


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2 thoughts on “Episode 27 – Tracks from Debut Albums

  1. Enjoyed this one. Longest long- and short-list thus far by a long shot:


  2. Awesome work guys. This session features what is possibly Tim’s greatest playlist ever.

    Anyway, here’s mine.


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