Episode 16 – Getting Down to Brass Tracks

The high water mark for brass instrumentation is obviously the Hovis bread advertisement from 1973 which launched the careers of both Sir Ridley Scott and Antonín Dvořák. Since then, despite a brief renaissance thanks to noted horn blower and record breaker Roy Castle in the late 1980’s, brass has sadly been completely ignored by popular culture. That is until today, as No Stairway turns it’s playlisting attentions to the wonderful world of labrophones, from trumpets to euphoniums, cornets to flugelhorns and all things reed-less and shiny in between.

In this week’s raucous episode our gang of blow-hards discuss the frankly scho-wa-do-lally origins of scat singing, Bill makes the seemingly intellectually impossible connection between Marty Feldman and David Lee Roth, and Tim opens the Pandora’s box of Star Trek themes. If any listeners have strong feelings about Star Trek themes, I would encourage them to not listen to this episode. 

This Week’s Playlists




Don’t forget to check out The Golden Shuffle

Harold Bishop, Erinsborough

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2 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Getting Down to Brass Tracks

  1. This was so much fun.


  2. I think I’ve missed a trick here…for some reason (and I have nobody to blame here but myself) I assumed theat choosing jazz/instrumentals would be deemed a ‘cheat’, so I spent an inordinate amount of time scanning songs for the merest hint of brass! More fool me!


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