Episode 15 – Short ‘n’ Sweet

Pascal contended that long letters were written by people who lacked the time to make them shorter – the implication being that by eliminating the extraneous material the final product is thus improved. This leads one to wonder, are songs the same? Once the guitar solos, spoken word intros and jazz-harp middle-eights are removed are we left with a superior and more satisfying track? Cue the most intended pun of the year, as our ‘brief’ this week is songs that, either through authorial design or necessity of production, are under two minutes in duration. 

Events of note this week include Carl expounding a theory on the origins of club-style singing, Tim detailing an episode of orthopaedic surgery of singular importance in the history of 90’s college rock and Bill’s ability to ignore dodgy lyrics leads to his name being placed alongside Michael Gove’s on the No Stairway watchlist of potentially problematic people. Ironically, this turned out to be quite a long episode – our editor assures us there wasn’t a second of superfluous material that we could in all good conscious lose.

This Week’s Playlists:




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4 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Short ‘n’ Sweet

  1. Tried my best to create a concept album out of this one. A heavy start with lots of tracks that blend/lead into the next, winding down to an explosive finish. Enjoy.


  2. This was a DIFFICULT one! I’m amazed at how many tracks I have under 2 mins…AND that there isn’t more crossover with your own lists (barring Smiths and me very nearly choosing Organ Donor too)…


  3. I’m bad at posting


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