Episode 14 – Methods of Communication

Talk Talk, Television and, of course, Hear’say. It is perhaps an ontological inevitability that musical artists select stage names which reference human methods of communication, given the aural nature of music itself. However, if we were to delve into deeper furrows than mere nomenclatures, would we expose a more fundamental relationship between music and the base human need to communicate?

After all, what’s in a name? By any other name Ned’s Atomic Dustbin would surely smell as…well, it’d probably smell the same. It would sound the same too, I’m sure. I’m pretty sure that was Shakespeare’s point, but I’m no expert. Dustbins aside, these are the exact furrows into which our intrepid audiophiles delve this week.

Herein, Carl explains his sinister plot to subliminally control Tim’s mind, Bill launches a scathing attack on the modern lyricism of grime music and Tim risks alienating most of our North American listeners by speaking ill of Country music legend, Mr Jimmy Buffet.

This Week’s Playlists:




Check out The Golden Shuffle the greatest shuffle list of all time

3 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Methods of Communication

  1. Great diverse playlists this week, gentlemen. Looking forward to a listen. Was surprised there was not a bit more overlap between them (and mine) but nice to see Rush and Blondie pop up a few times.


  2. Top job again lads. Going to try to get back on the playlist train now. Although the next one sounds tricky…


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