Episode 13 – Film Soundtracks

High drama at No Stairway towers this week as a civil war breaks out between the laissez-faire hippy attitude of Carl and the spreadsheet-based rule following to which Tim is more inclined. Thank God for Bill who, true to form and to everyone’s relief, had forgotten which rules we were meant to be following and thus was perfectly placed to act as peacekeeper, referee and international court of playlist justice all rolled into one.

Once the dust settles and we move into act 2, Tim reaffirms his extreme legislative programme by banning musicals and Disney soundtracks, Carl laments his failure to emulate the noted philosopher Patrick Swayze and Bill regrets, and then eventually comes to terms with, his love for the Empire Records soundtrack. The third act is, as always here at No Stairway, a narrative focused on reconciliation and personal growth. The most notable event is Bill doubling down on his respect for Disney, in direct contravention of Tim’s now subverted expectations. 

This Week’s Playlists:




Golden Shuffle:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 13 – Film Soundtracks

  1. I’m impressed by the variety between everyone’s playlists this week. I thought there would be a lot of overlap but I was obviously wrong. Here’s mine with reference to the films the music comes from.

    Agaetis byrjun -sigur ros – Vanilla Sky
    Let’s stay together – Al Green – Pulp Fiction
    Oye como va – Santana – Carlito’s way
    Moonage daydream – Bowie – GotG
    Spirit in the sky – Norman Greenbaum – suicide squad
    Mr blue sky – ELO – GotG II
    Dragula – Rob Zombie – The Matrix
    Mirror in the bathroom – The Beat – Gross Pointe Blank (fight scene)
    Sussudio – Phil Collins – American Psycho
    Immigrant song – Led Zep – Thor: Ragnarok
    Radar love – golden earring – Wayne’s World
    Talk show host – Radiohead – Romeo and Juliet
    The times they are a changing – Bob Dylan – Watchmen
    Everybody’s got to learn sometime – Beck – Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
    Romeo and Juliet – Dire Straits – Hot fuzz
    Layla – Derek and the Dominoes – Goodfellas
    Clare de lune – oceans 11
    New York New York – Frank – Gremlins II


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