Episode 12 – Common Denominators

What is the commonality which binds all the souls of humankind together? Is it the affection we feel for our nearest and dearest? Is it the shared dread we have for the inevitable finality of life? Or is it something else, something more tangible? Is it, perhaps, the 1982 smash hit “Africa” by popular beat combo Toto? Or perhaps it’s just pizza, Toy Story and The Beatles?

These are the philosophical questions we ponder this week as we search for songs which everyone loves, regardless of gender, age, race or creed. Herein Bill admits (in a potential medical first) to his “Bon Jovi snow blindness”, Carl beats himself up with the metaphorical stick that is the aforementioned popular beat combo Toto and Tim authors a masterwork to rival Edward Gibbon, but rather than documenting the history of the Roman Empire, he instead complies the definitive spreadsheet inventory of the wedding disco playlists of the western world.

Also this week sees the potentially misguided debut of a semi-regular feature where Carl gives a fairly ridiculous mid-podcast poetic reading of a popular song. This week on ‘Pop’s Poetry Podium’ is “Under Pressure” by David Bowie and Queen. If you want this kind of thing to stop please like, subscribe and share No Stairway far and wide. 

This Week’s Playlists:




Golden Shuffle:

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12 – Common Denominators

  1. Lots of overlap this week, gentlemen. With yours as well as mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great work, and good call on the Belinda Carlisle didn’t think of that one


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