Episode 11 – The Comeback Playlists

It is a little disputed fact that the greatest comeback of all time is that of Lazarus, although many learned men give spirited arguments in favour of both Elvis in ’68 and Dennis Taylor in ’85.

History will ultimately decide who is right on that one, although I doubt even Lazarus would’ve got out of his chair for that ninth frame.

This week we applaud the life of the recently deceased Lou Ottens, inventor of the cassette tape and therefore godfather of the mixtape. Sadly, there’s no possibility of a comeback for Lou, but musical comebacks are thankfully commonplace – herein we discuss Beethoven’s long awaited comeback to symphonies, Tina Turner’s patchy US chart performances and the intriguing comeback sub-genre of Gack-tales.

Along the way, Tim describes all of contemporary musicology as narrow-minded thus maintaining his record for controversy in recent weeks. One can only hope that Tim’s comeback from the avalanche of litigation he’s currently flirting with will rival those of both Presley and Taylor before him.

This Week’s Playlists:




The Golden Shuffle:

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1 thought on “Episode 11 – The Comeback Playlists

  1. Great podcast, guys. Loved the discussion on the evolution of both Paul Weller and Kylie. Bill, for Yes check out the track Heart of the Sunrise for something epic.


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