Episode 10 – The Morning After – The Hangover Playlists

No one can be bothered with this, can they? Opening the curtains is about as far as we’re prepared to go today, I reckon. Whoever volunteers to go down Subway with everyone’s order will forever be a hero, but otherwise we’re all resigned to slowly dying in front of endless repeats of Only Fools and Horses on Gold, yeah?

This week, through the gin-soaked fog of middle-aged hangovers, we groggily identify the Wurzles as one of the greatest British folk acts of all time, Carl makes an overly impassioned (and possibly still inebriated) case for the God-like genius of Bette Midler, and Tim half-heartedly promises to find the hidden depths within the music of ZZ Top.

Frankly, you can tell we were hungover. At one point, we almost certainly slander Peter Gabriel…

This Week’s Playlists:




The Golden Shuffle

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3 thoughts on “Episode 10 – The Morning After – The Hangover Playlists

  1. Some great looking lists here, guys. Looking forward to listening to them. Here’s mine.


  2. Cheers gents – here is the Spotify “Great Openings” list:


    1. I feel the need to explain my choices at the start! The MONO track is a BIG opener…but – as it was my first attempt at a playlist – I wanted Sirius for some razzamatazz (picture dry ice and lasers).

      Thanks for being kind and not tearing it apart!


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