Episode 9 – Gezellig

Controversy continues this week as what starts as a mundane and normal dive through the mail funbag descends quickly into a barrage of hate levelled against the darlings of popular music, Pink Floyd, Queen and New Order included. Quite how The Smiths escaped unscathed is a minor miracle.

From this undoubtedly un-gezellig beginning we try in desperation to be more welcoming and cosy via the obvious medium of sociolinguistic translation.

Conviviality thereby restored, Tim introduces us to the gezellig funk majesty of Luiz Bonfá, Bill takes everyone on yet another sonic trip through his disturbing subconscious (both beginning and ending in Bill’s Crying Corner) and Carl questions Tim’s philosophy of using “Married at First Sight: Australia” to explain all human interpersonal interactions.

Nordic-style slipper socks and wood-burning fires are not mandatory this week, but are highly recommended as part of a fully immersive listening experience.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Gezellig

  1. Pink Floyd, New Order, and Queen taking a slagging off. Boy, you guys are gonna love my forthcoming playlist!
    Lots of tracks unknown to me this week from the three of you. I’m looking forward to giving them a good listen to.


  2. Sorry I’m late gents!


  3. Cheers gents – another enjoyable listen.

    My (very late – sorry!) attempt is stuck on the Facebook page. Having now listened to the podcast, I can identify with Bill’s darkened room, strong drink in hand, Gezellig…we’ll call it the ‘Whitcliffe Mount Effect’.


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