Episode 8

Let’s Get Physical – The Workout Playlists

Controversy this week as Tim calls his semi-professional playlisting reputation into question by deploying a potentially illegal method of sequencing. It’s not an exaggeration to say that, were it not for the distance allowed by cyberspace, it may have ‘got physical’ in No Stairway HQ. Thankfully, the World Wide Web allowed peace to prevail and Bill has calmed down somewhat since.

Elsewhere this week, we establish that Carl continues to live, somewhat sadly, in the shadow of the 1980’s as a whole (and of Jean-Claude Van Damme in particular), and Bill explains the internal architecture of his doom spiral work out routine, including both the Harold Bishop power walk and the soon to be feared nine-minute death chase.

This Week’s Playlists:




The Golden Shuffle:

So, do your stretches and put your lycra on – maybe even get those Muay Thai ropes around your fists, just in case. You never know when a dog might decide to chase you.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 8

  1. Looking forward to trying these ones out. Gold medal to Bill for finishing his playlist on Lateralus.

    PS I gave the Golden Shuffle a go the other day. It’s shaping up very nicely.


  2. Anywho. I know Chob has submitted his playlist already in an earlier Facebook post, so here’s mine. The prog and post rock aspects of my soul weep for the lack of atmospheric build ups and crescendos but it does what it needs to do. Every track slaps you in the face from the onset with the drums or the guitar (or the brass) and you’ll feel like Patrick Bateman by the end of your exercise regimen.


  3. Here’s mine. Don’t have the energy to type the rationale again…(!)


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