Episode 3 – Time Travel

The power of love is a curious thing; it makes one man weep, but makes another man sing. Of course, what Huey Lewis failed to comprehend is that the power of time travel is even more curious, and that is our subject here today.

Herein we apologise for the amount of work involved in listening to the podcast, demonise Nicholas Lyndhurst’s character from “Goodnight Sweetheart” and deep dive into some of Axel Rose’s greatest ever lyrics.

As usual, there is lots of crude language from the outset and, somewhat inevitably, we properly spoil the ending of Quantum Leap.

This Week’s Playlists:




The Golden Shuffle:

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1 thought on “Episode 3 – Time Travel

  1. 65DOS, Led Zep, Yes, Mr Bungle, Sabbath, and Maiden. Could be the best set of playlists yet. You could be mine and year 2525 are icing on the cake


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