Episode 2 – Great tracks by terrible artists

This week your hosts discuss how to reconcile your loathing of an artist with your love of the great tracks of which even the most egregious creators are sometimes capable.

Along the way the boys discuss the horrors of the first Steps album, the complexities involved when trying to enjoy the music of Eminem and marvel (from a sensible distance) at the depth of Tim’s Eurovision Knowledge. If you’re not a Eurovision Song Contest fan, please be aware that Tim’s enthusiasm for that particular enterprise is infectious – Suffice to say, if you walk away from this experience without doing a chicken impression then you may be without a soul.

This Episode’s playlists:




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1 thought on “Episode 2 – Great tracks by terrible artists

  1. Wasn’t sure what to expect with this week’s lists but I am not disappointed. Is it wrong that I unironically love a significant swath of these tracks? Bonus points for Hocus Pocus by Focus.


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